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History of Christianity in Europe

Europe, the geographical center of the Christian faith, and the home of the Vatican City. Christianity has been practiced in Europe since the 1st century, and several of the Pauline Epistles were addressed to Christians living in Greece, as well as other parts of the Roman Empire. For instance, historians believe that St. Paul probably wrote his first epistle to the Christians of Thessaloniki (Thessalonians) around AD 52. Experience the Candlelight Procession in Lourdes and in Fatima where testimonials have been given of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Attend the papal audience with his Holiness and see the awe of the Sistine Chapel and churches that have withstand the test of time. In Spain, visit the Sagrada Familia; a transforming project with architectural and engineering style, combining Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. You will see the exquisite land of Ireland and the St. Patrick Cathedral along with the country-side of Switzerland and England’s history of Christianity.

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